New band, first gig!

The still-unnamed cover band I joined recently will be playing our first gig on Friday, May 12 at the The Wine Room in Moss Beach, just a little north of the Half Moon Bay Airport, one block to the east of Highway 1, from 7-9pm.

Fronted by Scott Goldstone, a fantastic keyboardist and vocalist, we’ll be doing R&B-flavored material like “Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got)” by the Four Tops, “I Can’t Go For That” by Hall & Oates, “Freddie’s Dead” by Curtis Mayfield, “Trouble Man” by Marvin Gaye, “Home At Last” and “Black Cow” by Steely Dan, and many more. Tom Josa on bass and Dennis O’Keefe on drums round out the personnel. Come check us out if you are in the area!

Guitar duo with Jeff Kamil – Madrigal Family Winery Sausalito Tasting Salon & Gallery

I’ll be playing some jazz guitar at the Madrigal Family Winery Sausalito Tasting Salon & Gallery (in, as you might have guessed, Sausalito) with my friend Jeffrey Kamil again on Friday evening, April 21. We’ll be playing from 6-8pm.
This is the 16th in their Art and Wine series, featuring the work of local professional Marin County Artists including Cathy Locke, Carol Smith Myer, and Arlene Whiting Lewetzow, with art curation by Shiva Pakdel. This exhibition is a celebration showing support of Marin Open Studios, a vibrant, community-wide event that celebrates the county’s rich culture of art. Marin Open Studios is an annual free art event that has taken place during the first two weekends in May for 23 years. Over 270 world-class artists and their works are featured for viewing and for sale at the event.

Guitar duo with Jeff Kamil – artist reception gig

I’ll be playing some jazz guitar at the Madrigal Family Winery Sausalito Tasting Salon & Gallery (in, as you might have guessed, Sausalito) with my friend Jeffrey Kamil this coming Friday evening, February 3. We’ll be playing from 6-8pm. It’s an artist reception for Faith Rumm, whose gallery show runs there from February 1 through March 8. Come on out if you’re in the neighborhood!

For more info about the artist:

It’s 2017!

It’s been a very long time I last posted an item here. It’s reflective of a couple of years of little real musical activity. As you can tell from the SNUG items earlier, we didn’t ever actually get many gigs. So around August of 2015 I started looking around and ended up in another cover band based out of Redwood City. We played more often, but for various reasons, it didn’t work out and I dropped out in mid-2016. In the meantime the folks from SNUG had moved south to San Jose and, when I told them I was working with another group, they found another guitar player. I wish them the best.

Not too long after I found Sharon Lea, a very good singer who was interested in doing standards and such with an accompanist, and we started working out repertoire. We had our first public appearance at an open mic at Angelica’s in Redwood City in mid-October, and hopefully, we’ll start finding gigs in earnest in the coming months. It’s nice to be doing the sole accompanist thing again, so much simpler to deal with in every way… well, except for how hard it is to be a good sole accompanist.

I still am struggling with trying to find enough time to practice and to work on my playing AND work on recording projects AND compose music AND get involved with looping (I bought a nice looper in 2016)… what happens is, I spend most of my available time practicing and neglect everything else. I did manage to crank out a couple of quick and dirty recordings playing over pre-recorded backup tracks from Bobby’s Backing Tracks, two Stevie Wonder covers; you can hear them on my SoundCloud page if you are so inclined:

I still go out to play on the odd Sunday evening at Stan Erhart’s long-running jam at the American Legion in Princeton-by-the-Sea, but not as often as I used to, and I have not been to either the Club Fox or the Pioneer to play even once throughout 2016 and so far yet this year.

SNUG at the Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica

The rock & soul band I play guitar for, SNUG, provided live music at an Avon 39 Breast Cancer Fundraising Event held on Saturday, June 13 at the Longboard Margarita Bar in Pacifica. We played four sets from 9pm to about 1:15am. The audience loved us and we had fun.